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Abortion Ministry Needs For Young Mothers

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

For those who would like to help us make gift bags that can be handed out to expecting mothers outside of the abortion clinics (in Norman, OKC, & Tulsa) here are some ideas on what can go in the bags. This is done to share the gospel with young mothers and to talk them into keeping their babies. If you would like to donate towards this please let us know.

1. New born or preemie baby diaper (1 diaper per bag)

2. New born or preemie onesie ( 1 per bag)

3. Small cheap gift bag

4. Car Seats

5. Bible Promise Book

6. Step up to life tract

7. Step up to life kids booklet

8. Abortion pill reversal pamphlets

9. What is the Gospel Of Jesus Christ tract

10. The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

11. Foundations Study Bibles

12. Tiny Hands Book

Also to help educate Churches and Pastors we need copies of the materials found at the link below.

13. Free Ultrasounds and Pregnancy Test Resources and Literature from Go Life.

14. Adoption Resources From Deaconess

15. Drop cards and literature from AHA

16. Signs For Outside Abortion Mill’s

17. (7 Reason’s Booklet)

18. Drop Cards and Post Cards

19. Infant Crisis Services

20. I Am the Exception: A Mother's Story of Rape Conception and the Grace of God

21. Post abortive brochure (Gospel)

22. For parents considering abortion

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