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Jesus Was Not A Socialist

Liberal and Socialist leaders often quote Matthew 25:35-40 as an endorsement from Jesus for Socialism. This couldn't be further from the truth. The people he described in those verses freely gave without being forced to do so by the government. Plus, in the early days of the church, you were risking your own life by visiting a brother and sister in Christ who had been imprisoned by Rome for their faith in Christ. You could have been imprisoned yourself for taking them food,water, or clothing.

Today's "Social Justice Warrior's" quote verses 35-40 but fail to look at the economic system that Jesus did describe in verses 14-30. In that parable he described an economic system and a work ethic that is highly productive. A system to where the employer can use his money however he see's fit. The one person who did absolutely nothing with the opportunity given to him was "fired". It is a productive society that can be the most charitable. Studies have even shown that conservatives are even more charitable in their giving as opposed to liberals. If you even read in the first part of Matthew 25 Jesus tells the parable of the 10 virgins. 5 wise and 5 foolish. The foolish got caught with no oil in their lamps and begged the 5 wise for oil. The wise said we don't have enough, go to the store and "buy" your own. The 5 wise were not condemned for not giving their own to the foolish, they were welcomed. Why? Because they were prepared and had done wisely.

Should we help those in need? Absolutely! Should we be forced to do so by a government? Absolutely not. The government has proven that it can't adequately run anything. But God has shown us what is right and what to do and has given us the responsibility. If we fail to do our part, He will hold us accountable. Liberals often yell at Christian's and say that you can't legislate morality and that we can't legislate our biblical principles in regards a variety of topics. If that is the case then why are they trying to legislate their morality upon us and twist scripture to do it? Why are they trying to force us to fund abortion and to pay for many who have no desire to work at all or who come here illegally with no desire to become legal? Why do they want the power to tell us what we can and cant do with our money? Because it's not about compassion , it's about power. They could care less about scripture, its about indoctrination and the destruction of Capitalism, Conservatism, and Christianity. Forcing people to give to causes they dont believe in is not compassion its bullying and it definitely isn't "pro choice". Socialism may come with a smile but it always ends in death. Jesus is definitely NOT a socialist and will never be a pawn for any political ideology. He is the King of Kings and the disciples of Karl Marx will never overthrow Him.

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